Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

The reason why the majority of millennials like astrology


IllustrationIllustration - Although it is sometimes seen as nonsense or bullshit by some people, we cannot deny that the popularity of astrology or zodiac is increasing as time goes by. It is included in magazines for entertainment and many people use it to make sense of someone’s personality and behavior.

For example, when Awkarin broke up with her boyfriend, she tried to make sense of it by looking at the zodiac incompatibility between her and her ex-boyfriend. Another example is when Amrazing wrote on Instastory about the personalities of each zodiac, which went viral.

The popularity of astrology does not happen only in Indonesia where there are cultures who still believe in mystical things. In America, a study done in 2012 showed that 58% of young American people (millennial generation) believed in astrology. 65% of them even believed that astrology could be proven scientifically. This was a huge change from the survey done in 2004, where 66% of people believed that astrology was nonsense.

So why do many millennials like and even believe in astrology? It is because most of them feel more stress due to the developments that are more and more uncertain and unclear in this era. The stress caused by uncertainty and unclearness causes them to seek answers and comfort from astrology.

Astrology is designed to give Barnum Effect. It is a psychological phenomenon where people give high accuracy rating to descriptions of their personality that are supposedly made specifically for them, but actually vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people.

It is better for you to be wiser regarding astrology. Do not believe in astrology and what it says about your zodiac right away. Do not think of it as the absolute truth. Because no matter what, it is a vague thing that you can never really prove


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