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Enjoying boiled sweet potatoes can heal these health problems in your body


IllustrationIllustration - Sweet potato which is in English called 'yam' is a tuberous plant that propagates with lobed or heart shaped leaves.

The color of the sweet potatoes itself is also very diverse from white, orange, purple to pale yellow depending on the variety, soil type, climate and also available minerals.

For the orange varieties, the orange has harder and drier meat than the white and yellow sweet potatoes.

The aroma of sweet potatoes will also be increasingly smelled when processed by boiling or frying. The more orange color of sweet potatoes, the stronger the aroma caused because beta carotene is also increasing in brightly colored yams.

Besides being delicious, it turns out the benefits of eating boiled sweet potatoes are also very good as we will review on this occasion.

1. Healthy digestion

The benefits of fiber in sweet potatoes are much higher compared to potatoes plus the taste is also more delicious. In addition, the benefits of magnesium in boiled sweet potatoes also make the facilitator better for digestion. Sweet potato is easier to digest because it contains starch which can soothe the stomach and intestines so that it is difficult to digest food.

2. Relieve Acid

Effective boiled yam is consumed to cure nasal congestion, cough, bronchial and lung problems so that it can provide relief for people with asthma.

3. Overcoming inflammation

Boiled sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory properties especially because they contain beta carotene, the benefits of vitamin C and magnesium in them. For that to consume boiled sweet potatoes can accelerate the healing process of internal and external inflammation.

4. Increase Immunity

Sweet potatoes are an excellent immune system booster so that they can avoid various diseases. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene which is a major source of antioxidants along with vitamin C and vitamin B complex, phosphorus and iron which are all important for strengthening immunity and maintaining overall body health.

5. Treating bronchitis

Boiled sweet potatoes are also believed to be able to warm the body because of the sweet taste and various other nutrients in sweet potatoes that can affect body temperature. All of this is very important for people with bronchitis. While the concentration of vitamin C, the benefits of iron and several other nutrients can help to cure bronchitis.

6. Reducing Arthritis Pain

Beta carotene, magnesium zinc and also the benefits of vitamin B complex in sweet potatoes are important food energy sources to deal with joint inflammation. In fact, sweet potato cooking water can also be used externally to reduce the pain of arthritis pain.

7. Overcoming Cancer

Beta carotene is a champion of antioxidants and also anti-carcinogenic substances, namely pigments that give color to the skin of sweet potatoes. Beta carotene and vitamin C in sweet potatoes can be useful for curing various diseases including cancer solutions especially the large intestine, prostate, kidney and other internal organs.

7. Controlling Diabetes

Contrary to what many think, it turns out that boiled yam can be beneficial for diabetics. Amazingly, boiled sweet potatoes are also very effective for regulating blood sugar levels by helping the right secretions and functions of insulin. This boiled sweet potatoes can be consumed to replace rice or other healthier carbohydrate benefits.

8. Treat Stomach Ulcers

Boiled sweet potatoes can have a calming effect on your stomach and intestines. Vitamin B complex, vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene and also the benefits of calcium are all effectively used as an ulcer solution. In addition, boiled sweet potatoes can also prevent constipation and acid formation so that it can reduce the possibility of heartburn and anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can reduce pain and inflammation of the ulcer.

9. Increase Weight

The benefits of boiled sweet potatoes contain a lot of complex starch as well as vitamins, minerals and proteins that are healthy and very easy to digest. That way, boiled sweet potatoes can provide an excellent source of energy and mass builders to gain weight. Someone who has just recovered from illness or is too thin is very good at consuming boiled sweet potatoes and even made a synthetic body-forming food supplement.


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