Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Study reveals the reason why after getting in relationship men tend to be fatter


IllustrationIllustration - A study conducted by OnePoll revealed why most people experience weight gain after starting in a relationship, whether dating or marriage. Men tend to be fatter than women in the beginning of a relationship. One of the main reasons is because they often eat together or try new restaurants.

Not only that having a partner also makes people more comfortable with themselves, they no longer need to maintain their appearance because they have found their love ones. That is one of other factor which make they become less active after getting into a relationship.

Talking about comfort, it is said if usually lovers or married couples start in the comfort zone after a year and five months. But for young people aged 18 to 24, they only need 10 months. After being comfortable with their respective partners, most people will be more relaxed regarding their appearance.

Based on research, 57% of married people gained weight up to seven kilograms in the first year. For men, they can go up more than nine kilograms. One of the main reasons is also because they no longer attach importance to appearance.


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