Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Almost reaching the sun, NASA spaceship broke records


IllustrationIllustration - The United States space shuttle from NASA named Parker Solar Probe broke a record by flying with the closest distance into the Sun. Parker Solar Probe was launched by NASA to examine the center of the Solar System. Parker is projected to penetrate the corona, the outermost layer of the Sun's atmosphere, which reaches 1 million Celsius.

Not only it did not melt, Parker Solar Probe managed to make a record as a man-made object with the closest to the Sun. It was carried out after passing a distance of 42.73 million kilometers from the surface of the Sun - a record previously held by Helios 2, a German-US collaboration probe, which recorded the distance in April 1976

In addition, Parker Solar Probe also broke the heliocentric speed record made by Helios 2. The heliocentric speed itself is the speed of the probe measured relative to the Sun. In April 1976, Helios 2 reached speeds of 246,960 km / hr.

Parker will continue to carve out a new record considering its mission which will continue until 2025. In seven years Parker will continue to approach the Sun in 24 perihelion (the position closest to the Sun). "Only 78 days since Parker Solar Probe was launched and we are now closer to our star than any other vehicle in history" said Parker Solar Probe Project Manager Andy Driesman, as quoted from Space.


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