Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

KFC changed its fried potato recipe after its customers complained via Twitter


KFC KFC -  The KFC fast food restaurant chain in London announced that it would change the recipe after a woman wrote a complaint about the taste of the fries that were not good. Starting from the story of a woman named Charlie Burness, who four years ago designed a fancy dinner for her mother's birthday.

But her mother did not feel she was eating a fancy dish. She claimed to feel like just eating at KFC. They could still enjoy the dinner, but upon their return to the family home, they reached an agreement: KFC processed fries made them disappointed.

Then Charlie, who is from London, exclaimed: "KFC only tastes good chicken, while the fries, oh my God, are really bad."

Now, after four years, the attack on KFC has helped to create a new recipe for fries in the country.

Last month, the fast-food restaurant network contacted Charlie to ask if they could use their money for commercial promotions on Twitter. They plan to change the recipe for french fries and consider their flavor to be an opportunity to reveal the reason.

"I think they are actually quite smart," Charlie told Newsbeat. "I know it will attract attention because of the reputation of their fries.


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