Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Failed to reach the target, Chinese company employees were sentenced to drink urine and eat cockroaches


IllustrationIllustration -  The Chinese police arrested a number of managers of a company for forcing their employees to drink urine and eating cockroaches as sanctions if they failed to reach sales targets.

Local media reported that police took action after various videos showed that employees were whipped with belts and drank yellow liquid.

Various uploads on social media said that employees were also ordered to eat cockroaches if they did not meet the sales target.

The three managers were jailed for five and 10 days after the incident occurred, the South China Morning Post reported.

A video circulating widely on the Chinese social media site, Weibo, showed a male employee standing in the middle of the people who surrounded him, whipped with a belt.

Other staff were seen drinking yellow liquid from plastic cups holding their noses.
Some screenshots that were said to be messages from managers threatened staff that they had to eat cockroaches if they were performing poorly.

According to media reports, tortured and humiliated employees including drinking toilet water or vinegar and shaving their heads, became part of the home remodeling company culture in Guizhoucity.

The company also reported not paying employee salaries for the past two months and staff were afraid to vote.

Police in the Zunyi area arrested and detained the three managers.


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