Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Gucci released its newest produxt, dirty shoes with the price of USD 1100


IllustrationIllustration - Gucci made a breakthrough for people who don't want to be seen buying new sneakers. The solution? Selling dirty shoes for thousands of dollars. Gucci has just released dirty sneakers for USD 1,100. Yes, these shoes are deliberately designed dirty for the name of fashion.

Named 'distressed leather sneaker', these shoes come in three different models. One of them is decorated with an iconic Gucci monogram logo or a stick-out tongue symbol. In order to replicate sneakers in the '90s, the latest Gucci shoes are also given a vintage touch that makes them look p;d.

Gucci is not the only one who has ever released dirty shoes. Previously, a brand called Golden Goose released dirty sneakers for USD 727 which are equipped with insulation on the front. Cons also came to mention that if the brand deliberately mocked poor people who had difficulty buying new shoes.


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