Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Being favorite in Indonesia, on this museum Durian is classified as the most disgusting fruit in the world


IllustrationIllustration - In Asia, durian is one of the most popular fruits. But in this museum durian is included in the category of disgusting food. Many global communities called durians are the king of fruit. Having a strong aroma. Recently, NST reported that this thorny fruit appeared in the disgusting food museum's disgusting food museum in Sweden.

Durian is famous in the Southeast Asian region. But its stinging aroma makes some people hate this fruit. Even some public places such as hotels, transportation and shopping centers forbid durian, due to its stinging smell can disturb other people.

The museum was initiated by Samuel West of the Museum of Failure, Disgusting Food Museum located in Malmo, Sweden. Open until January 2019. This museum not only includes durian as the most disgusting food. But there are also other disgusting foods such as mice soaked in liquor in China, seals which are filled by small birds, grilled guinea pigs, maggots in cheese (casumarzu) to shark fermentation from Iceland.

The Disgusting Food Museum was created with the aim of challenging the perception of taste. And help visitors think why a food can be hated for certain people or groups, but can be liked by others.


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