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Foods that you should not put into the freezer


IllustrationIllustration - To prevent foods and drinks from being expired so soon, you will usually put them inside the refrigerator or the freezer. But not all food is good to be put inside the freezer. Some of these foods can expire quickly because of it, or even cause a serious health risk. Therefore, you have to know the kinds of food that you should not put inside the freezer.

1.      Milk

When milk is put into the freezer, it will break into small parts and becomes watery when melted. Although it is safe to drink, that kind of milk is not the best when it is combined with cereal or coffee in the morning.

2.      Fried food

When you put fried food inside the freezer, it will lose its crunchy quality and become soggy. If you want to put chicken nugget inside the freezer, make sure it is not fried.

3.      Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables with high water concentration like cucumber and watermelon should not be put inside the freezer. When they are taken out and melt, they will become mushy and not edible.

4.      Meat that had been taken out before

When you take out meat from the freezer, make sure you only take as much as you need, so it can be cooked and eaten immediately. Because, if you take out a meat from the freezer and put it back in later, it will attract more bacteria and can be dangerous.

5.      Potato

Potato has high water concentration. That is why potato is not good to be put inside the freezer because it will become mushy.



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