Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

A man shot his brother after fighting about Tupperware


John MurilloJohn Murillo - As cited from New York Post, a man named John Murillo (44) shot his brother, Anthony Murillo (46), after the two fought about Tupperware.

According to Avondale police department, the incident happened on Sunday, November 4th, at night. It all started with the fight they had through text messages. Anthony accused his younger brother, John, of taking his Tupperware.

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When Anthony arrived home, he went straight to John’s room to ask him about the Tupperware personally. He banged on his brother’s door a few times.


However, the door was not opened. Instead, there was the sound of explosion from a weapon. John had shot his brother from behind the door.

The police arrived after being called to the crime scene in Encanto Boulevard, Maricopa County, around 10 p.m. They found the Anthony injured on his arm and the right part of his body. He was then brought to hospital. He was in critical condition but is now getting better.

Meanwhile, John, who had fled by car once, was captured by the police when he came back to his house after getting worried about his brother. To the police, he admitted that he shot his brother because he was afraid of him.


“He banged on my door. I didn’t know what to do,” John said. The officers found a pistol under the car seat that John was driving.

There was also three holes in the door, which they assumed were caused by the shot. “I was at home, back then. I was afraid. That’s why I ran,” he said.

During interrogation, John said that he shot at his room’s door because he was afraid of his brother. He said his brother is a black belt in martial arts and threatened to harm him. 


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