Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Enjoy the sensation of swimming at the height of 198 meters in Marina Bay Sands


IllustrationIllustration -  Do you know Marina Bay Sands? It is a luxurious hotel in Singapore with the longest swimming pool in the world at the height of 198 meters from the ground. Many tourists come to enjoy the sensation of swimming in this infinity pool.

Marina Bay Sands has three high towers. The top looks like a stranded ship. There are sky park and a swimming pool that stretches long, with the sky as the roof. Many people are interested in trying this swimming pool.

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“People don’t seem to swim, but more like looking for the sensation,” said Danang, an Indonesian visitor in infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands.

The pool is only 1,2 meters deep, so it is a bit risky to jump in from above. The water is clear blue. Most of the people in the swimming pool only stand at the edge of the pool, looking at the scenery of the city, or sit in the water, enjoying the sensation. Not many people actually swim in this pool like you usually do in regular pool.

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The best times to come to this swimming pool are during sunny day, when the sky is blue, during dusk, when the sky is red, and during the night, where you can see the city lights.

Other than enjoying the scenery, there are also many people who take selfie. After all, Marina Bay Sands is one of the coolest and exotic spots that are perfect for selfie. However, the visitors are forbidden to bring big cameras


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