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Avoid these kinds of food to make your face skin looks healthy and clean


IllustrationIllustration - Everyone wants to have a beautiful or handsome face and smooth skin which free of pimples. But only a few of us can get such skin without an effort.

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Various attempts to get beautiful and handsome skin are done by preventing inflammation of the skin. However, this inflammation marks skin color that is reddish, swollen, pimpled and wrinkled.

Discussing to prevent of inflammation in facial skin, one of which is to pay attention on our diet. Some types of food are certainly the cause, and reported by, November 22nd 2018, some of these foods need to be reduced so that the skin on the face looks clean and healthy.

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1. Sugar and starchy foods

Foods or drinks that contain high sugar levels are one of the causes of increasing the inflammatory response in the skin. Food and drinks include soda, pasta, white bread, fried foods and others.

2. Processed foods and trans fat

Processed foods and trans fat also include as the foods that can increase the inflammatory response in the skin. These foods, for example, refined sugar, paint, processed wheat, etc.


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