Saturday, 25 May 2019

5 style tips to wear legging


IllustrationIllustration - Legging is one of the most popular fashion items among women. Other than being comfortable, legging can be worn with almost any article of clothing. For you who still do not know how to mix and match legging, here are some tips.

1.       Legging, tank top and jacket

If you combine legging with tank top of the same color, especially the color black, it can make your body look taller. You can combine it with a jean jacket.

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2.       Legging and mini skirt

For a more feminine look, you can combine legging with mini skirt. Make sure you choose neutral color for the overall look.

3.       Legging, turtleneck sweater and parka

For cold season, you can try combining legging with turtleneck sweater and parka. This kind of look is fitting for rainy season, because it is warm, comfortable and stylish.

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4.       Legging and oversized shirt

For you who like simpler and more casual style, you just have to combine legging with oversized shirt. The contrast created by the top and the bottom is what makes it look attractive.


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