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Tips for hijabers to keep their hair healthy


IllustrationIllustration - Other than face treatment, women also have to worry about their hair treatment. For all women, both those who wear hijab and those who do not wear hijab, keeping their hair healthy is important. Here are some tips for women who wear hijab on how to keep their hair healthy.

1.       Do not wear hijab when your hair is wet

When you wear hijab when your hair is wet, it will become moist. Moist hair will attract dandruffs. If you are a career woman, avoid washing your hair in the morning because it will take time to dry. Wash your hair after you come back from work. It is recommended for you to wash your hair in the afternoon, because it will have time to dry slowly.

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2.       Comb your hair before and after you wear hijab

If your hair is quite long, it is better for you to comb your hair before and after wearing hijab so it will not get tangled. You also should not tie your hair too tight because it will easily get broken.

3.       Use shampoo for hijabers

The number of women who wear hijab is increasing, which is why there are many shampoo producers who make shampoo specially made for hijabers. It is very easy for us to find shampoo for those who wear hijab.

4.       Do not your hair when sleeping

Many women with long hair are too lazy to untie their hair before going to sleep. However, this can cause your hair to get broken and tangled easily.

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5.       Cut your hair regularly

Although no one sees your hair, it is better for you to cut your hair regularly. It is recommended for you to cut it once every 4-6 weeks to get rid of the dried and branched points.


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