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These are the 17 benefits of betel leaves for the beauty of your skin


IllustrationIllustration - This Betel Leaf has benefits for beauty. Because the content contained in it has active tannin compounds, essential oils, sapoin compounds, famous substances, carboxyrol compounds, flavonoids and several other ingredients which are also beneficial for beauty.


The latin names of this Betel leaves are Peperomia or Peperia. Has a wide shape. And many grow around us.


For ancient people, this betel leaf is a leaf that is often used for 'nginang'. And now only a few people know and use this betel leaf.

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This leaf is generally used for beauty and health. Reporting from Benefits of Plants, there are several benefits to beauty, namely:


1. Overcoming inflamed pimples

The method that can be used to treat inflamed zits is to take a few peperia leaves, wash them thoroughly, then boil them until they boil after they grow until they are completely smooth. After smooth, apply on the inflamed zits in the morning and evening. Do it until the zits are not inflamed again


2. Overcoming stone pimples

The way you do it is not much different from how to treat inflamed zits. You can try both of these if your zits are stone pimples or inflamed zits.


3. Helps shrink pores

Peperia leaves are used as a mask to shrink pores is not a bad thing.


4. Overcoming an itchy face

How to make a face mask is not much different from making a mask to shrink pores. You can use it 2-3 times a week.

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5. Helps dry facial wounds

It is not uncommon for wounds to occur on the face, either due to scratches or due to acne. Using betel leaves will help resolve these problems. So that the wound dries faster then do the treatment with paperia leaves.



In addition to the 5 benefits outlined above, it turns out that the leaves of Peperia have many benefits for beauty, while the other benefits of Peperia for the face are as follows:


6. Removes black spots

7. Overcome acne scars

8. Kill bacteria on the face

9. Lifting dirt on the face

10. Overcoming the phlegm on the face

11. Slow down cancer cells in the face

12. Tighten the skin

13. Overcome excess oil on the face

14. Overcoming swelling

15. Brace your face

16. Smooths facial skin

17. Tighten facial burns


That's the 17 benefits that you can get from utilizing peperomia leaves or Chinese betel leaves for beauty. By routinely using it, you will get a beautiful and colorful face, good luck.


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