Saturday, 25 May 2019

Which is healthier to sleep with, fan or AC?, this is what an expert says


IllustrationIllustration - Dr. Frans Abednego Barus, SpP from OMNI Hospitals Pulomas said that does not matter what you are using, what important is there has to be an air circulation. So it is not recommended to use both fans and air conditioners.

"Yes, air circulation is very important. Even though the air conditioner has an outdoor component so it can enter oxygen inside, it is not recommended if the room is completely covered. Because the problem is humidity can affect the quality of the air circulation" said Frans, Monday, November 19th 2018.

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The man born in Medan, April 17, 1972 ago explained that the air outside is still good and better because natural circulation occurs. Sleeping by opening a window might be better, but for reasons of safety and comfort, at night most people choose not to open their room’s window.

Therefore it is necessary to have air vents. It can also be dealt with by occasionally opening door or windows in the morning to exchange air in the room so there is an air circulation, and air humidity is also balanced both outside and inside the room.

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There are also those who choose to put plants in the room. It’s fine, but Dr. Frans suggested not to use plants, because at night the plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Although not much, but if the room is not too large, and it is rarely exposed to sunlight and the air circulation can turn so bad it can disrupt the quality of your sleep.


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