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This woman got severe burns across the whole of mouth, nose and eyes and unable to eat or drink anything


Jo DanielsJo Daniels -  Tragic, a woman named Jo Daniels, 42, felt unwell for a few days. Before, she thinking that she to be a cold, but her situation deteriorated rapidly leading to bleeding from the eyes and mouth.

And her GP thought she had measles so gave her antibiotics and told her to come back. But then she started having blood clots building up in her nose and eyes.

She having severe burns across the whole of mouth, nose and eyes and she was in constant pain, unable to eat or drink anything apart from small amounts of water.

At its worst, parts of her face were starting to fall away.

"I remember one day finding a big chunk of something in my mouth – which I then realised was a bit of the inside of my cheek that had come away. It was as though I had leprosy. I knew it wasn’t measles, though. By that stage, my symptoms were so bad that I was having to swallow clots of blood that were building up in my nose and I was constantly spitting blood," she said.

The mother-of-one, from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a disease that affects to the skin, mucous membrane, genitals and eyes.

However, it was after another three weeks of antibiotics and antiviral drugs before things started to improve. 

The sores started healing, but a new set of problems arose. Jo said, "As the skin started to get drier, big chunks of it began to come off on my lips and in my mouth. It was horrible. "

She has largely recovered but suffers other side effects.

Despite the condition has taken on her, Jo is determined to regain the life she had before she fell ill.






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