Saturday, 25 May 2019

Full with mouse and cockroaches, dozens of food stalls in Penang, Malaysia forced to close


IllustrationIllustration - Dozens of food stalls in Penang has to be temporarily closed. Because it has a dirty place filled with cockroaches and mice. Penang Ong Ang Guan Department of Inspectorate and Law conducted a sudden inspection at a dining place called Bayan Lepas 2 in Penang, Malaysia. A total of 16 existing shop owners must close the restaurant for 14 days while receiving special supervision from the Penang Sihat operation.

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This is done as a form of warning because of the lack of attention of the shop owner about cleanliness. Especially cleanliness at food processing sites. This inspection was carried out because of the many complaints from residents about the poor hygiene in this eating place.

Once the officers arrived, they were presented with an unattractive view. Like cockroaches crawling between serving plates, cooking utensils are dirty to rat droppings, The Star reported, November 19th 2018. That is a very disgusting scene especially in a dining place.

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Not only that, Northeast district health officer Dr. Umarazina Abdul Kadir also found ketum and cough syrup in one of the taverns. Ketum is a painkiller and energy booster. The drug is misused to create addiction. They also issued a summons to two underage smokers and shop owners who sold cigarettes individually. Shop owners are also fined for selling cigarettes below market prices.


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