Saturday, 25 May 2019

A miracle baby was born with legs back to front and no buttocks


Baron Baron -  Very sad...
A newborn baby in the UK was born with back to front legs,  and this condition only occured to five people in the UK.

But the mum of that miracle baby named Tracy Fletcher, 39 have is determined to raise him like any other child. 

Before, the woman was told that her baby would be severely handicapped when she went for her 20 week scan but her and her partner Edward decided to go through with the pregnancy. 

Tracy said, "The doctor said he’d be severely handicapped, would never walk and would have kidney problems, bladder and bowel problems. But in the end, we decided to continue and to bring our child into the world."

Tracy had a caesarian sections four weeks before her due date and two surgeons were needed to deliver Baron. 

Last month, their baby named Baron was born and the reality of the situation quickly became real.

Baron was diagnosed with caudal regression syndrome (CRS), born without buttocks and with clubbed feet and has no control over the lower half of his spine, hips, bladder or bowels. 

She said, "After I came round they asked if I wanted to see him. As they lifted the screen up, the full reality hit home of what we had to face. He looked a lot worse than we thought, his legs were almost parallel with his shoulders. It was a very difficult moment and the first time I held him it was quite scary."

Immediately after the birth, Baron was put into an induced coma and placed on a ventilator because as his lungs filled with fluid. But after three weeks in hospital, Tracy was delighted to return home with her new baby. And she said despite the day-to-day challenges her baby faces, he is developing a unique character of his own. 

Tracy is now fundraising for a specially adapted car seat for Baron.








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