Saturday, 25 May 2019

Scientists Develop Unique Condoms That Can Be Slippery Alone When Used


Condoms Condoms -  Condoms are effective contraceptives but not everyone is comfortable wearing them. Some may feel the condom is too dry when making love even though it has been packed with lubricants from the manufacturer.

Facing this, a group of researchers funded by one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, is trying to develop condoms that can lubricate themselves. The goal is that the condom still feels slippery and comfortable even though the sex session lasts longer.

Professor Mark Grinstaff from Boston University said that condoms are made with special ingredients that will feel slippery when exposed to body fluids. Reports in the Royal Society Open Science journal say the condom can maintain its slippery sensation even after 1,000 times the piercing movement.

In comparison, the condoms with lubricants which are usually sold according to the researchers will begin to dry out and not slippery again after 600 piercing movements.

"When you hold this condom in dry conditions it will feel a little slimy, but when exposed to water or new body fluids it feels really slippery. You only need a little water to activate it," said Prof Mark, as quoted by the BBC on Wednesday (10/17) / 2018).

According to Prof. Mark, condoms are still in the experimental stage. It is estimated that clinical trials will only begin next year.
The hope is that the new condom will encourage the use of contraceptives in the community. 

Thus the unwanted pregnancy rate and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases can also be suppressed.


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