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Addicted to its taste, this man can drink up to 15 cans of Diet Coke in one day


Stephen Morrison Stephen Morrison - The sweetness and fresh sensation of soda makes this man addicted due to that he can spend 5 liters of caffeinated drinks every day. Drinking a can of soda actually made the throat fresh, but Stephen Morrison from Glasgow, Scotland chose to drink more than that. Every morning he has to start his day by drinking a Diet Coke.

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Quoted from Metro, November 29th 2018, Stephen's love for the Diet Coke began in 2011 when he switched from Coca Cola and IrnBru drinks because he wanted to lose weight. This 45-year-old man finally managed to lose weight up to 76 kg.

All thanks to changes in his diet and exercise strictly. Unfortunately Stephen still cannot quit his habit of drinking Diet Coke. "I have to start the day with a can of Diet Coke and spend about 3-5 liters of this soda every day" Stephen said.

Usually he wakes up at 7.30 am and drinks a can of Diet Coke. Then can by can, he drank until he go to sleep at night. He spent a total of 15 Diet Coke cans every day.

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Stephen said, "Some people start their day with coffee. I need a Diet Coke." Actually, Stephen knew very well the risk of drinking too many soft drinks because he has the profession of health blogger. It's just that Stephen evaded this fact. "I think I have to reduce it, but the Diet Coke is very good" he continued.


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