Friday, 19 Apr 2019

An audience threw a mobile phone to Via Vallen during her concert in Karanganyar


 Via Vallen Via Vallen - Dangdut singer Via Vallen, along with Nella Kharisma, performed during the celebration of Karanganyar Regency anniversary, on Saturday. Via had an interestingexperience during performance.

When Via was performing on stage, the audience threw mobile phone at her. The moment was caught on camera by accident.

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The video capturing the moment was uploaded on YouTube Indonesia Ekpos account. It all started when Via performed. She started to interact with the audience like she usually did and just like usual, there was excitement coming from the audience who tried to take photos with their idol.

In the video, it was shown how many spectators tried to take a picture with Via. They even gave her their phones. Via, of course, tried to grant their wishes.

Before she received their phones, Via warned them not to throw them at her. She asked them to pass it to the people in front of them.

Unfortunately, not everyone listened to her request. One of the spectators actually threw their phone toward the 27-year-old singer.

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Via failed in catching the phone thrown at her. But instead of being angry, she replied in Javanese. “I told you not to throw it,” she said.

The concert was held in Karanganyar City Hall on Saturday, November 24th 2018, to celebrate the 101 anniversary of Karanganyar Regency. During the event, Via Vallen even sang together with the regent of Karanganyar, Juliyatmono, on the stage.


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