Friday, 23 Aug 2019

A mysterious earthquake detected by the worldwide sensor, make the scientists felt confused


IllustrationIllustration -  This was a terrible news for all people who lived in the earth. 

The discovery of seismic waves originated from the activity of earthquake activists in New Zealand became a horror for all people. 

Recently geologists were surprised by the emergence of a mysterious seismic wave that occured of thousands of kilometers throughout the world.

Mysterious seismic waves that cannot be felt by anyone on the surface of the Earth,  were captured by earthquake sensors in Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

The discovery of seismic waves originated from the activities of earthquake activists in New Zealand who were monitoring the real-time data display online seismograms belonging to the United States Geological Survey.

According to the seismogram data, the seismic wave originated off the coast of Mayotte, a French archipelago on the Indian Ocean located between Madagascar and Africa.

Then, the data is uploaded on Twitter, which immediately but gets responses from geologists around the world.

They were surprised there was a tremor that could not be felt by humans but was monitored by earthquake sensors throughout the world.

The experts also felt confused in concluding the origin of the strange seismic wave.

Unlike most earthquakes, the vibrations from Mayotte tremors show consistent low-frequency waves.

The subtle vibrations lasted more than 20 minutes. As if our planet rings like a bell.

Even though the vibration of an earthquake produces a jolt of various high frequency waves that cause a great shock, but it must be felt by humans.







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