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Participants of workshop are enthusiastic to attend the Meet Chevron Engineer event at Unilak


Workshop of the writing in the mass media which held by together with Chevron and SKK MigasWorkshop of the writing in the mass media which held by together with Chevron and SKK Migas - Thursday November 29 2018, together with PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) and SKK Migas once again held a writing workshop. This time the students of Lancang Kuning University (Unilak) are giving the training in article writing in the mass media.

In addition to article writing, this activity also provided education to participants related to oil and gas. The Communication Specialist of PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) Tiva Permata explains a little about the subject.

"So Chevron is the largest oil company in Indonesia, we at Chevron are also makes up of the best people of the nation of Indonesia. All of them are there, not only from oil, but also from various departments we are advancing Indonesia" he said.

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Tiva also said that Chevron itself is directly involved in regional development. Like in Riau, Chevron has contributed with the development of regional potential, community and education.

"Why do we think education is important, because education is one of the important elements that can change our nation. This workshop with is also part of Chevron's mission to participate in increasing regional potential and Human Resources" he said.

Meanwhile the Geologist PT CPI, Yordi Nugrahadi gave an introduction to Indonesia's oil and gas exploration and production. "Many think that oil and gas exploration is like taking water in a lake. That is wrong, because oil and gas exploration requires time and technology, and not the small one. And the oil comes out between the gaps in the sand, not under the soil of the lake" he said .

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Given the difficulty of getting petroleum and gas, Yordi hopes that all participants are wisely in using fuel. "Do not be wasteful, because it is difficult to get oil and gas production. After all, Indonesia has been officially as an oil and gas importer since 2002. So domestic production is not enough to meet existing needs" he said.

A participant named, Mapita Sari from Unilak, Faculty of Administrative Sciences was grateful to be able to join this event. "It is very educational and insightful. If possible, do this event more" she said.

This activity was opened by Rector of Lancang Kuning University (Unilak) Dr. Hj Hasnati SH MH. Also present were Deputy Rector III of Lancang Kuning University (Unilak) Dr. Eddy Asnawi, SH, MHum, Communication Specialist of PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) Yulia Rintawati. As well as present the Head of the Company, Muhardi and Chief of Editor, Satria Utama Batubara.


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