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This is the reason Nazareth city in Israel changes its name


IllustrationIllustration - Many people are often mistaken about Nazareth Illit, Israel. Many consider that this area is part of the City of Nazareth. In fact, Nazareth Illit and Nazareth are two different cities. "Residents no longer can see many tourists who think that their city is part of Nazareth" said city spokesman Orna Buhbut, as quoted by AFP on Friday, November 30th 2018.

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Addressing the frequent misunderstandings, Mayor Nazareth Illit, Ronen Plot expressed his desire to change the name of the city so that it would no longer be associated with Nazareth. The city renaming proposal was submitted to the city council on November 21. "This year's Christmas will be my last Christmas to find tourists who want to visit Nazareth, but instead have the wrong address here," said the plot.

The name Nazareth Illit was given in 1950, together with the development cities in Israel such as Karmiel and BeitShe'an. Despite sharing similar names and close distances, namely three kilometers, Nazareth and Nazareth Illit did not have anything in common regardless of name.

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Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel with a population reaching 75 thousand people, the majority of whom adhere to Islam or Christianity. This city is believed to be the location where the Angel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus to Mary. Jesus' childhood home was also located in Nazareth. So that every year, the city always welcomes crowds of pilgrims who want to travel religiously.


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