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The development of Sumbar-Riau toll road is delayed, central government still has not take any action


IllustrationIllustration - The initial planning during the groudbreaking session I, which began in Padang Pariaman, was carried out by President Jokowi in early 2018 and was planned to be completed in 2023. However, the continuation of this work still has not been followed.


As of November 2018, the physical workmanship has not been able to begin because of the difficulty of the compensation price agreement for kilometers (km) zero to the first 4.2 km.


Then, the Government of West Sumatra Province wrote to the central government to participate in interfering with the delay in the physical construction of the Padang-Pekanbaru toll road, which quoted in the news on the Minangkabaunews website, December 3rd 2018.

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In the early stages, the installation of the benchmark for coordinate reference on the Sumbar-Riau Toll Road project, on Bypass street KM 25, Padangpariaman, West Sumatra, in April.


Based on data from the West Sumatra Public Works Agency, the construction of the toll road that connects West Sumatra-Riau along the 244 kilometers is still awaiting administrative completion from the National Land Agency.


West Sumatra Deputy Governor Nasrul Abit after a meeting on the construction of the Padang-Pekanbaru toll road, at the end of November, said, "Of the 80 landowners, only 3 said they agreed. The last we sent and the settlement must be discretion. We have sent letters to KSP, sir Moeldoko. The contents asked him to bridge the relevant minister on the issue of toll roads"

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The problem mentioned by Nasrul Avit is the low price set by the appraisal team. The price offered to land owners is below the Tax Object Selling Value (NJOP). Beginning in the second semester of 2018, negotiations on land prices still ranged from Rp. 32 thousand to IDR 286 thousand per square meter.


"In the meantime (the 0-4.2 km segment) we stayed first because this has entered the court. This consignment is successful if we go. But if not, we will find another solution" Nasrul said.


"At the moment what the government is doing is starting to work on the next section which is the 4.2 to km 30.4 km section. The government is currently calling on all stakeholders including sub-district heads and community leaders to discuss land compensation" said Nasrul.


He said, there are four sub-district heads are summoned. All agreed to resume the process for the second phase of toll road construction. With past experience so that we conduct a careful study starting from the landowners" Nasrul said.


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