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Toddler in Dadapayam village is infected with Rubella, this is her condition now


IllustrationIllustration - Rubella is included in an infectious disease caused by a virus. For pregnant women, the rubella virus can cause serious effects because it attacks the baby they carry.


Since the rubella vaccination program has been carried out since the 1980s, cases of this disease tend to decrease. It's just that, because there are many people who are anti to the immunization programs lately, rubella cases are re-emerging and becoming a scourge for the health world, especially in Indonesia.


The government has provided and announced in its published program. Time and place have also been communicated to the community to bring their babies to be vaccinated.


One of the cases that occurred is a toddler aged 2 years and 3 months named Ayni Tiya Rahmadani who came from Dadapayam Village, Suruh Subdistrict, Semarang Regency. She was infected with the rubella virus. As a result, she is now exposed to hearing and vision problems. Reporting from the news, December 4th 2018.

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If seen at a glance, Ayni looks like an active child in general, but she has undergone various therapies, including speech therapy conducted at RSUP dr. Kariadi in Semarang City.



The mother, Siti Zakiyah said her baby began to experience symptoms of being infected with rubella when she was only 1 month old. At first Ayni experienced symptoms such as white spots that appeared on her retina.


The mother had a check-up at the local health center, but was asked to check into the eye hospital. Initially, Ayni was diagnosed with cataracts. Siti could not believe and checked her child back to RSUP Dr. Kariadi.


Babies who have cataract problems must be treated with an operating procedure, but because of Ayni's baby's condition, this procedure is still not possible. This is what made Siti confused.

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From the results of laboratory tests conducted at Dr. Kariadi hospital at the age of 3 months Ayni actually shows a different symptoms, namely the cause of the symptoms of various problems she suffered was actually the rubella virus.


Ayni then gets more serious medical treatment, including examining the nose, ears and throat. After she reached the age of 5 months, Ayni then underwent cataract surgery for her left eye and a month later she got cataract surgery for the right eye.


In addition to disorders of her eyes and ears, Ayni was also experiencing other effects due to the attack of the rubella virus, namely the leakage of blood vessels to the heart.


For this reason, since Ayni's age is six months, she must take medication regularly. In fact, since she was eight months old, Ayni had to routinely undergo therapy at Dr. Kariadi Semarang, which is quite far from her residence every Tuesday and Thursday.


The therapy undertaken by Ayni is in the form of physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. However, this therapy is now only done once a week, every Tuesday.


In August 2018, Ayni had a heart catheterization surgery at the same hospital. Luckily, the cost of this operation is borne by BPJS Kesehatan.


And besides that, now Ayni also has to use a hearing aid that must be removed every time sleeping and showering and every week the battery must be replaced. Especially for eye conditions, Ayni also has to wear plus glasses.


Actually, the doctor had asked Ayni to install a hearing aid implant inside the ear, but the tool and the installation process had very expensive prices, precisely reaching hundreds of millions. For this reason Ayni's parents only bought hearing aids that could be installed and removed.


Ayni's health condition also makes her experience eating difficulties. In order to provide nutrition for the baby, Ayni's parents also provide milk 7 to 8 times every day with a 150 ml bottle.


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