Friday, 19 Apr 2019

Survey in Jakarta reveals that many women get sexual harassment in public transportation


IllustrationIllustration - Change.Org, Hollaback! Jakarta, Lentera Sintas Indonesia, perEMPUan, and Jakarta Feminist Discussion Group (JFDG) worked together to make the survey about sexual harassment toward women in public transportation. The five agencies shared their result on November 29th 2018 in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

The survey involved 470 female respondents from 8 different locations, mostly schools and campuses in Jakarta, where many of them use public transportation. Around 35,9% of them admitted that they had been harassed sexually in conventional public transportation like bus or angkot (city transportation). Meanwhile, around 9.4% admitted that they got sexually harassed in online public transportation.

Around 15,7% mentioned angkot as the conventional public transportation where things like this happen a lot, followed by KRL (commuter train) 9,5% and bus/minibus 4,9%. Although just recently, the media was busy with the case of sexual harassment happening in an online taxi car, the survey shows that sexual harassment actually happens more often to passengers who use online motorcycle taxi (5,8%) than those who use online car taxi (1,3%).

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Most of the sexual harassments are in the form of ogling (32,2%), followed by groping (15,9%) and showing one’s sexual organ (10,9%). There are also those who rubbed their bodies against the victims (6%), masturbated (4%) or told the victims about their sexual experience (2%).

Around 20,3% of the victims claimed that they chose to run as the response to the sexual harassments they got. 18% of them claimed to look back at their harassers in challenge while 10% of them chose to stay silent.

Many people think that sexual harassment only happens during the night. But the survey shows that sexual harassment happens mostly in the morning (2,1% online, 10,9% conventional) and during the day (51% online, 8,9% conventional).

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Many of us think that rape is an unforgivable crime. But it is just a climax to all these “small” harassments and it will never stop unless we stop these harassments first.

“Sexual harassment is just one step from rape. Why? Because sexual harassment is just like a ‘test’ that the harassers do to the victims,” said Olin Monteiro from Jakarta Feminist Discussion Group (JFDC). It means that the harasser will look at how the victim takes their harassment and see how the victim will react.


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