Friday, 19 Apr 2019

UEA princes disappears after being kidnapped when she left her home


Sheikha Latifa binti Mohammed al-Maktoum Sheikha Latifa binti Mohammed al-Maktoum

A princess from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikha Latifabinti Mohammed al-Maktoum reportedly disappeared after being arrested by a group of gunmen after leaving her residence. She did that because she felt confined in her homeland, even though she has wealth.

As reported by The Guardian, Wednesday, December 5th 2018, Latifa, who is the daughter of the Dubai Leader and UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum, fled her home to India in March. However, when at a distance of 30 nautical miles from offshore Goa, the 32-year-old woman was ambushed by a group of people who were allegedly the messengers of the father.

That said, Latifa had planned the escape for 7 years. She claimed to learn from her sister's experience, Shamsa, who also had escaped from a resting place in Surrey, England, while walking with her family 18 years ago. At that time her sister was arrested by her father's envoy in Cambridge, then got returned to Dubai.

Latifa also tried to run away at the age of 16. However, she was caught and then got jailed for 3 years. At that time she was tortured and beaten. "I feel wasted and depressed to life. Women (in the UAE) are considered not human. My father may not continue to do that to all of us" Latifa wrote to her acquaintance, Herve Jaubert.


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