Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

This 7 years old boy becomes a youtuber the highest income in 2018


Ryan Ryan - It's no secret that YouTube and Instagram can be promising sources of income. Not only adults, celebrities, but little kid who becomes YouTubers also gains a lot of profits. This small child is crowned as the 2018 highest earning YouTuber. Only seven years old, the boy known as Ryan ToysReview managed to pocket IDR 31 billion.

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Ryan ToysReview outperformed the list of highest-paid YouTubers in 2018. Reported by Forbes, the kid even beats the income of YouTuber Jake Paul who pocketed USD 21.5 million or around IDR 30 billion.

In accordance with his account name, the boy from the United States generally only does toy reviews. In front of the audience who were mostly the same age of him, all he needed to do is open, explain, and show how to use the toys in a distinctive style.

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Although simple, Ryan's videos have many loyal viewers. The Ryan ToysReview account itself has the subscribers more than 17.3 million people. Ryan also has his own style in reviewing toys. Usually the kid who has twin siblings open toys box enthusiastically, scream, and even laugh. "Because I'm entertaining and funny" he told NBC when asked about why he is so liked by his viewers.


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