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Wow, this chicken is named as the biggest chicken in the world with the height almost reaching 1 meter


IllustrationIllustration - The colossal cockerel chicken on the farm in Kosovo went viral. Because this chicken has the height of almost one meter, weighing for more than 7.7 kg. This chicken has been named as the biggest chicken in the world, especially with its unique and well-maintained appearance.

Reported by Ladibble, November 29th 2018), initially the chicken named Merakli was viral in 2017. After its video of walking around of its enclosure, made many people surprised by its enormous size.

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Initially many people did not believe in the existence of this chicken. They assume that the video of a one meter high chicken is merely an engineering process, or a hoax. Even some netizens have accused Merakli as just a chicken costume.

The owner, Fitim Sejfijaj said that Merakli now has a healthier and happier life after it has contact with two chickens. Although it sounds funny, but Fitim revealed that the rooster loved the two chickens very much, and lived happily. "He has two hens with him, and all of these chickens are treated very well" Fitim said.

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Brahma chicken types such as Merakli, are a type of large fowl developed in the United States and imported from Far East. Usually the largest size of this chicken can reach 5.5kg, but Merakli set a new record.


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