Saturday, 25 May 2019

Disneyland in California has to pay huge fines after causing an outbreak which has killed 1 person


IllustrationIllustration - A health institution in California officially announced a cooling tower that aims to make visitors feel more comfortable and also having an important role as a cause of the emergence of legionella outbreak or a disease that attacks the respiratory system. Dr Matthew Zahn from the Orange County Health Care Agency said the health authorities would demand a fine of USD 33,000 dollars as compensation.

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Zahn said he had carried out several tests and found high concentration of Leigonella bacteria in two Disneyland cooling towers. "The contaminated water might spread to people in the park and surrounding areas" he was quoted as saying by DailyMail.

Three Disneyland employees have been contaminated with this disease. Two of them have to get extra care at the hospital. This case is part of an outbreak that attacked nearly 12 people and killed one person. In an effort to control the outbreak, California health officials imposed a large fine after it was discovered that the coolers used by Disneyland were not properly maintained.

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Legionaire disease is caused by bacteria that are spread through water droplets and airborne particles. Most infections occur in people who are exposed to dirty or unkempt air conditioners. If you do not get further treatment, legionnaire will turn into pneumonia which will cause death quickly.


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