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This 3 years old girl in China is suffering breast cancer, which makes her the youngest person who suffering this disease


IllustrationIllustration - In China, there is a three-year-old girl who has cancer that is said to be deadly. Her name is Yan Yan, who in March her mother found a red stain and there was a small lump on his daughter's left chest. Her mother often found the red stain and began to think that something was wrong with her daughter.

Her mother then took Yan Yan to the hospital to carry out the examination. But some doctors only say that there is a possibility of early puberty. But the mother was not satisfied with the doctor's answer. "When changing clothes, I found a 'little red dot' and I have to find out what it is" said Yan Yan’s mom quoted from

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Finally her mother met with Prof. Tang Jinhai from Jiangsu Hospital. Prof. Jinhai immediately guessed it was a tumor that might be breast cancer, the test to prove the breast cancer immediately being conducted. The results of the biopsy also confirmed Prof. Jinhai's suspicions. Yan Yan is diagnosed with the Secretory Breast Carcinoma (SBC), which is a fairly a rare breast cancer.

According to Prof. Zhang Zhihong from the Pathology Department of the Jiangsu Hospital, the cause of this type of breast cancer is still unknown but more related to genetic translocation. The operation was immediately carried out to remove the lump on the little girl's left chest.

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And the operation went smoothly considering the cancer was found still in its early stages. Yan Yan is still undergoing intensive care to recover from her condition.


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