Saturday, 25 May 2019

Which is more dangerous to our health, cigarette of e-cigarette?, this is the answer


IllustrationIllustration - Most people argues that vapping is one of the ways to stop smoking. But apparently according to Dr. Dr. Nastiti Kaswandani, SpA (K) electric cigarettes are no less dangerous than ordinary cigarettes. There is not any evidence that proves e-cigarettes can help someone stop smoking.

" E-cigarettes produce standard nicotine even though it is not in the form of smoke passing in the form of vapor. The ingredients of these cigarettes are as dangerous due to the carcinogens it contains, and obviously can cause cancer," explained Dr. Nastiti, November 29th 2018.

Dr. Nastiti explained that conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes both produce nicotine, but in different forms. But both of them still have carcinogens and free radicals which, if continuously inhaled, can be at risk of pneumonia to cancer. So it's clear that vape is not the solution to stop smoking. "A lot of people use their electric cigarette to try to quit smoking" said Nastiti.

Electric smoking also has the potential to increase susceptibility to infection. Even Dr. Nastiti added that this vape can increase germs in the body which will make them become resistant to drugs. "For example, the germs are given certain antibiotics to die, but because their airways are disturbed by this vape, so the germs do not die easily" explained Nastiti.


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