Saturday, 25 May 2019

Comic One Piece is named as the best selling manga in 2018


IllustrationIllustration - Japanese comic, One Piece has reached the top spot as the best-selling manga of the year. The line of best-selling comics was surveyed from the November 20th, 2017 to November 18th, 2018 issue. Reporting from Anime News Network, the edition of the 'One Piece' comic has reached the 11th year which broke a new record. For 10 consecutive years, One Piece is always in the top three positions.

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In the first position there is the edition of One Piece 88 comic which has been sold for 2.5 million copies. In the second position there is the 89th edition with 2.1 million copies, followed by the 90th edition with 2 million copies. The next position is a comic by Hajime Isayama with the title Attack on Titan 24 with sales of 1.5 million copies. Continued the 25th to 26th edition and the manga 'Hunter x Hunter'.

Manga 'Kingdom' is in position 9 and 10 as the best-selling comic this year. Then there are 'My Hero Academia', 'Tokyo Ghoul: re', 'Haikyu !!', 'One Punch Man', and others.


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