Saturday, 25 May 2019

One of the giant company in antivirus said in 2019 more smart device will be attack by malware


IllustrationIllustration - McAfee warned prospective users of smart home devices that in 2019 there will be more malware attacking smart devices or internet of things (IoT). According to the leading antivirus company, malware that attacks smart home devices will become more sophisticated in 2019.

Most of these malware will attack via mobile devices such as cellphones. This is because cellphones or tablets are devices that are used to control smart home devices. As quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday, November 11th 2018.

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"Malware makers will use cellphones and tablets, which have been registered as trusted devices to control, and try to take over IoT devices by breaking passwords and exploiting security gap holes" McAfee wrote.

The malware action will not look suspicious because the data traffic comes from devices that have been trusted, namely cellphones and tablet users. Thus, the level of success will be higher than ordinary malware and the attack route will be difficult to identify.

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Until now there have been several security holes on IoT devices. Most appear because of differences in the security methods available on these devices. One possible effective way to maintain the security of an IoT device is to use a different network. The goal is to help isolate these devices when there is malware that successfully affects the devices.


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