Saturday, 25 May 2019

Double brakes on the matic vehicle can be punched, turns out have many benefits for the vehicle


IllustrationIllustration - Not many know it, and the professional mechanics at the dealership also only apply knowledge training just about normal.


This time we are talking about dual brakes on a motorbike. To add to its performance, there are special tricks and tips that must be done.


The mechanic named Nofri said that in reality, the purpose of making holes in double brakes on matic motorbike is not just for performance reasons.

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"The real essence is to eliminate symptoms that could arise from the effects of double brakes on a motorbike" he said.


"The main goal is to eliminate problems that usually arise due to double bowl and canvass. But indirectly it will increase performance too," convinced Nofri.


For example, he mentioned the double brakes, It's not just the surface of the bowl that comes in contact with the punched holes. However, the sides are also punched with extremes that benefit the motorbike.

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"With the existence of these holes, so there is a gust of wind that makes the dirt not trapped in the clutch bowl. The effect of the symptoms of grunting due to dirty clutch brakes can be lost" he added.


"In addition, the air that blows from the holes made also makes double brakes cannot easily burn due to heat" the explanation continued.


"Especially when on tour, because of a long trip, it could make the double brakes burtn faster. So from that it could be a solution" he advised.


He said, to make a hole in a double bowl also cannot be careless. "There is a count in the placement of the holes. If the origin, the strength of the bowl can be reduced," he said.


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