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These two units if Mercedes Benz already can use B20


IllustrationIllustration - The latest unit was launched by Daimler Commercial Vehicle Indonesia on Thursday, December 6, 2018. These two units are the latest buses, the Mercedes Benz OF 1623 RF and Mercedes-Benz O500RS 1836.


The head of the Daimler Commercial Vehicle Indonesia Bus, Adri Budiman, said, "Our two newest units are already Euro 3. And the fuel is B20. This is what we market in Indonesia." Quoted from, December 7th 2018.

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"These two units have passed testing for B20 consumption. There are no obstacles in the use of fuel" he said.


"And besides that, Euro 3 machines are not only in Indonesia, but in other countries. And the head office also states that B20 can be used in the long term and in the short term according to regulations" said Adri.


On the other hand, Manhattan Bus Operations Director Tjhahjo Wibowo said that many companies complained about B20 and there were obstacles. And one of them is the Mercedes Benz fleet model.

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"First of all there are complaints related to the use of fuel, namely Scania is broken down because of biodiesel. And Mercy has also been broken down too" said Tjhahjo Wibowo.


However, Adri responded to the complaint, "Right now it has been answered, these two units can already use Euro 3, if previously it was still for B20 because it was for Euro 2.


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