Saturday, 25 May 2019

Huawei prepares 3 dimension camera on its smartphone, which predicted will be released on this month


IllustrationIllustration - Do not want to miss, Huawei also played in terms of cameras. The smartphone that will be presented is equipped with a Time-of-Field (ToF) camera lens that can produce 3D camera models to capture models from various objects around it.

The Chinese technology company estimates the launch will be carried out at the end of December 2018. But the previous news said that Huawei had given a schedule for the launch event on December 17 in its home country. But it is still unclear whether to launch a smartphone with a 3D camera ToF.

Quoting from and Bloomberg, December 8th 2018, the concept embedded in the latest units will be a smartphone with a 3D camera. This technology uses sensors that can measure distances by reflecting light from the surface of the camera lens to identify objects accurately and in detail. This is a development from Sony Cop.

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Similar technology has also been seen on OEMs, such as Apple. There is a 3D camera sensor in the front camera to help with accurate face recognition features, but this 3D sensor works best at shorter distances.

In addition, Sony Corp. has also released a smartphone with a 3D camera on the Xperia XZ1 in capturing objects. However, the technology is not supported by the new ToF sensor developed by Sony.

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For Huawei to be released, in addition to a camera that can capture objects from various angles, it can also function to be applied to augmented reality applications.

And besides, other features are also supported by 3D ToF cameras. Like features, applications, games that can be compatible with 3D ToF technology.


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