Saturday, 25 May 2019

Heavy smokers but just healthy? Beware of not too much confident


IllustrationIllustration -  It's so tired it feels like telling closest friends to stop smoking. Moreover, smokers are often 'upset' because they feel cigarettes do not cause harm to their bodies.

Instead of dizziness, try to give this one article or read in front of your friend an explanation from a cardiologist, Dr. Vito A. Damay, SpJP (K), MKes, FIHA, FICA who is also the author of the book 'Before You Go to the Doctor Heart'.

"Many have asked my Instagram, why is he safe even though he is smoking? Safe-safe is that the definition? He must not have checked," answered the doctor who was familiarly called Dr. Vito while chuckling.

Doctor Vito then gave an example of himself eating one or two spoonfuls of sambal or he could feel fine and not spicy. But his friend, just eating a little can sweat cold. Well, so does our body's response to smoking and nicotine that can be different.

"So that we do not compare with other people 'why is he safe? Is he not?"

Wow, if the father who smokes 15 years is fine maybe you who just want to try smoking even have a faster effect than him. Or maybe the father is actually exposed to the risk of cigarette smoke that accumulates in his body from year to year but you don't know it yourself?

It's better to stop smoking before you regret it.



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