Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

To prevent monopoly, Japan tightens its regulations for big companies


IllustrationIllustration - Japan plans to tighten regulations for giant technology companies such as Google and Facebook. This discourse arose after the panel of experts requested better supervision of competition and user privacy. AFP on Thursday, December 13th 2018 wrote that companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon despite bringing great benefits also "tended to monopolize the market through their features like low cost".

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Experts expect better protection for consumer privacy. They also requested that the company be more fair and transparent about technology that controls market access. Japan's anti-monopoly authorities say they plan to investigate whether global technology companies are using their position as market leaders to exploit contractors or hinder competition.

Regulations from the Japanese Ministry of Commerce will be released at least the next two weeks. Before Japan, several countries in Europe has been cracked down on US companies. Australia will also tighten their supervision by making its own supervisory body.

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Earlier this year, the European Union issued a EUR 4.34 billion of anti-trust fine to Google. The EU accuses the Mountain View-based company of using the Android system's huge popularity to promote Google's search engine and close its rivals. Google has appealed the decision, arguing that the EU accusations were baseless. But last month, they said they would follow the decision to avoid further fines.


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