Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Samsung forced to close down one of its factory due to lose competitiveness with the local brands


IllustrationIllustration - The giant company, Samsung had been frantic because its smartphone sales continued to decline. From the data, it began to decline from 15 percent in 2013, and continue to 2018 to 1 percent. This is data from the ridet firm in the Counter Point market.


As a result, Samsung was forced to close one of its plants in Tianjin in northern China.

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In a statement, Samsung said, "As a further effort to improve the efficiency of our production facilities, Samsung Electronics must come to a difficult decision to close our operations at the Samsung Electronics Telecommunication in Tianjin."


From the statement, it was also stated that the operational closure of its activities would be carried out on December 31st 2018. And as many as 2,600 factory employees were forced to be followed up for their fate.


In the statement also written a representative of Samsung will support all employees of the factory. "We are committed to providing rational justice and compensation including career counseling and vocational training, while the opportunity to transfer to other Samsung facilities will be available if possible" Samsung said through its representative.

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On the other hand, from KompasTekno from the South China Morning Post, said that Samsung in China has two large factories. In Tianjin, there is another factory in Southern Huizhou China.


The information explained that Samsung, which is of Korean origin, lost competitiveness in selling smartphones with local brands in China, namely Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo. In the past two years, none of Samsung's Galaxy phones have made it to the top 10 best-selling cellphones in China.


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