Friday, 21 Jun 2019

Dele Alli payback the Arsenal's fans by mocking through his hand


Dele AlliDele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur's star, Dele Alli getting a bottle throw from Arsenal supporters in the League Cup and he immediately reacted the incident by mocking the Arsenal's fans. 

As information, Dele Alli has successfully became the star behind Tottenham's victory against Arsenal in the League Cup quarter-finals. 

At that time, Dele Alli contributed one goal and one assist that made Tottenham advance to the semifinals.

As Tottenham were 2-0 up, Dele Alli tried to catched the ball but the ball was left the field. 

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And as Dele Alli was still on the edge of the field, suddenly there was a water bottle that floating towards him. And that bottle hits the head of Dele Alli.  Then, Dele Alli tried to protest against the referee. 

But when he turned around, Dele Alli gave the sign '2-0' towards Arsenal supporters through his hand.

Dele Alli appeared extraordinary in the match against Arsenal. And he became the key of victory in that match.






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