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Wanna travel next year? This is the safest and dangerous places to travel as your reference


IllustrationIllustration - Nordic countries such as Norway, Finland and Iceland are included in the list of the safest tourist destinations in the world to visit next year. The list titled Travel Risk Map for 2019 was released by the security company International SOS and Control Risks, as quoted by Oyster on Thursday, December 20th 2018.

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If the Nordic countries are included in the safest list, the Singapore-based company also released a list of a number of countries that are on the most dangerous list. The countries that occupy this list are Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria.

The four countries are included in the red category because they are considered to have a number of problems in the three main sectors, such as transportation, health and safety.

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African countries also included in the red category in the health sector due to having serious health problems. The three countries included in this category are South Sudan, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Meanwhile, the healthiest countries are Canada, United States, New Zealand and Japan. Moving on to the security sector, the country gets a red category because the conflicts that are taking place are Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Mali.

The red category in this sector is also owned by Mexico, parts of the Caribbean Islands and parts of India - although the International SOS and Control Risks do not further explain the area in question. In contrast, countries with minimal conflict and records of bloody crime are Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Iceland, Greenland and Finland.


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