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This is the secret missions done by US military while dong a mission to find the sinking Titanic ship


IllustrationIllustration - In 1985 there were extraordinary discoveries for the maritime world. The wreck of the Titanic that hit an iceberg and sank in 1912 was found. But it turns out that there is a secret US military mission behind the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic. One of the inventors of the Titanic, Robert Ballard suggested that was part of a secret US military mission.

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Ballard narrated the incident several decades ago. In the past, he was the commander of the US Navy and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientist. At that time, the US Navy offered him funds and opportunities to search for the Titanic. However, Ballard had to find USS Thresher and USS Scorpion first.

The two ships were two US nuclear submarines which sank in the 1960s. "We know where the submarines were. What they wanted (the US Navy) to do is for me to go back to that location without being noticed or followed by Russia" he said.

When the team finished exploring Scorpion and Thresher, they only had 12 days left on their way to search for the Titanic. "When we found the Titanic, we were very happy, because it was a difficult job, and fortunately we succedd" said Ballard.

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The famous discovery sparked the attention of the big press but the real purpose of the expedition was kept in secret. Navy spokesman Captain Brent Baker said at the time that the project was only to test whether the oceanographic system was successful or not, and a scientist denied military involvement.


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