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A record number of people have come to congratulate the emperor of Japan


A record number of people have come to congratulate the emperor of JapanA record number of people have come to congratulate the emperor of Japan - The Japanese emperor Akihito said his last message on the occasion of his birthday before his abdication, which will take place in April. Congratulate the emperor, who turned 85, have come a record number of people.

According to the administration of the imperial court, more than 82 000 people visited the solemn ceremony in the imperial palace in the center of Tokyo. Akihito traditionally appeared three times in front of those who gathered on a closed glass balcony.

The emperor was accompanied by his wife Mitiko and other family members, including the eldest son of Akihito, the crown prince Naruhito, who will inherit the throne in April.

“I thank with all my heart to all of you for coming so warmly to congratulate me”, - said Akihito. In his speech, he expressed his condolences to all the people of Japan who suffered from a series of natural disasters that hit the country in the outgoing year. "I pray for your health and your happiness", - said the emperor.

May 1, 2019 the Japanese imperial throne will be transferred to the crown prince Naruhito. In summer of 2017, the Japanese parliament passed a law according to which the current emperor would hand over the throne to the heir and retire.

According to the law on the imperial house and the constitution it was impossible - it said that the throne passes to the first by the right of succession after the death of the emperor.

In August 2016, in his address to the nation, Akihito made it clear that it was difficult for him to fulfill his duties because of his old age, and he would like to transfer the throne to his heir. The Japanese treated this decision with understanding.

In December 2017, the Commission for the Imperial Family decided that the day of retirement of Emperor Akihito will be April 30, and the day of accession to the throne of the heir - May 1, 2019.

According to the constitution, the Japanese emperor has no political powers and performs ceremonial functions, being a symbol of the country and the unity of the people. Akihito is the only reigning emperor in the world. Akihito officially took the throne on November 12, 1990 after the death of Emperor Hirohito on January 7, 1989.


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