Friday, 22 Mar 2019

Philippine's president, Rodrigo Duterte confessed that he had groped the body of his female assistant


Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo Duterte - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte again made controversy over his statement claiming to have groped the body of her female assistant when he was a teenager. His statementremarks made local women activists inflamed and accused him of sexual abuse.

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"I lifted the blanket. Then I tried to touch the body behind. I was really groped it. Then she (the assistant) woke up and I left her room" Duterte said in a speech on Sunday, December 30th 2018, as reported by AFP on Monday, December 31st 2018.

Duterte then recounted his actions to confess to a pastor in the church. In fact, he stated that he had tried again to harass the woman. That made women activists angry. The senior Gabriela Party, Joms Salvador criticized Duterte's statement and accused him of rape. "Rape does not only occur if there is a penetration between the two genitals. If the offender uses other body parts such as fingers, it also includes as rape" Salvador said.

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According to anti woman trafficking activist Jean Enriquez, Duterte's comments endanger the women whose are domestic workers. Because he seems to exemplify to the community that sexual abuse is a common thing.


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