Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Trump's lies counted for 2018


Trump's lies counted for 2018Trump's lies counted for 2018 - US President Donald Trump in 2018 publicly told a lie on average 15 times a day. This was the conclusion of the newspaper «The Washington Post».

The special program was engaged in the selection and verification of all suspicious statements of the president. In total, according to it, for the year he told lies 7,600 times. This is almost three times more than in the previous year (1989 times).

It is noted that Trump started the year the same as the previous one, however, by May he “dispersed” to 200-250 false statements a month. Their number doubled in June and reached 500. This is attributed to preparations for the mid-term congressional elections, which took place in November.

In September, Trump lied 600 times, in October - 1200, in November - 900. Last month he returned to the May figures - about 200.

According to the newspaper, he made almost a quarter of untruthful statements during election rallies, almost as many when communicating with journalists and about 17% of the untruths published on his Twitter.

The lie of the president concerns both minor events and serious ones. In particular, Trump continues to insist that he didn’t pay porn actresses for silence about their relationship with him, although this fact was confirmed even by his former lawyer Michael Cohen. He also constantly exaggerates various indicators - from economic to political. The material points to Trump's false statements about the situation of refugees on the border with Mexico.

According to a poll conducted by a newspaper in December, nearly three out of ten Americans question the president’s words.

In August, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the American evening television show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, told how to find out if the head of state is lying. According to him, he always ends a lie with the words: "This is true."


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