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In 2019, these list of banknotes can no longer be used as media of payment


IllustrationIllustration - The limit for exchanging emission banknotes in 1998 and 1999 informed by BI Regulation Number 10/33 / PBI2008 dated November 25, 2008 after December 30, 2018 can no longer be used as a medium to a payment.

Bank Indonesia Regulation, Article 4 reads:

The right to demand exchange of paper money that has been revoked and withdrawn from circulation as referred to in Article 2 is no longer valid after 10 (ten) years from the date of revocation or December 31, 2018.

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The banknotes mentioned by Bank Indonesia are

1. Rp. 10,000 banknotes issued in 1998, with the picture of Cut Nyak Dhien.


2. Rp.20,000 banknotes issued in 1998, with the picture of National Hero Ki Hajar Dewantara.


3. Rp. 50,000 banknotes issued in 1999 with the picture of WR. Soepratman.


4. Rp. 100,000 banknotes issued in 1999 with the picture of Dr.Ir. Soekarno and Dr. H. Mohammad Hatta and made from polymer.

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For the city of Pekanbaru and Riau Province, said the Head of the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia in Riau Province, Siti Astiyah on Thursday, December 27th 2018, that the deadline for the exchange is until 12:00 p.m.


"The BI office is still open from 08.00 until 12.00 WIB on December 30, 2018" Siti said.


"BI accepts the exchange of money for people who want to exchange money that is still stored at home" she added.


The procedure she explained was quite easy. Exchangers are required to bring money that will be exchanged in a good and undamaged condition to the Bank Indonesia Domestic Representative Office (KPw-DN).


"Or it can also be done in the banks in the area to exchange it" Siti said, "Later the banknotes will no longer apply as a medium of a payment"


Siti also stated that the exchanger handed over the money to the cashier and would check its authenticity. If the money is genuine, the cashier will give a new substitute money which is the same value as the money that has been exchanged.


Siti Astiyah also stated that in 2019, there will be awareness of newly printed banknotes.


For other information about banknotes can also be seen on the BI website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram officially owned by Bank Indonesia.


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