Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Winning an online lottery, this college student in China got 5 ton of snacks


ZhangZhang - Most people who won the lotteries will buy the money they got into luxury goods. But this student managed to get thousands of free snacks after winning an online lottery. A student in Anhui Province, East China, just got 5 tons of snacks, after she won the online lottery.

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Reporting from the Global Times, January 2nd 2019, students who are known to have the first name Zhang immediately went viral on the internet. The video on the Weibo and Pear Video sites, made many people could not believe after Zhang posed in front of thousands of various snacks.

In the video uploaded on the Pear Video site, Zhang stood in front of her dormitory building while showing thousands of snacks that had just been delivered to her. "I will sell these 3 tons of snacks on campus events, at a discounted price of 50%. The rest I will give these snacks for free to my friends and family" said Zhang.

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After further investigation, it turned out that Zhang had won a lottery from a snack company called Three Squirrels. Zhang was contacted by the company, after her name came out as a lucky winner from a contest she participated in on social media. More than 5 tons of snacks are now owned by Zhang, even her friends must help Zhang to take the food. Zhang plans to share some snacks, and sell the rest.


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